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Research institute founded in 1994

Natural treatments

natural treatmentsThe NATURVEDA research institute was founded in 1994 by Dr. Ravi SHRIVASTAVA in order to carry out research on pathologies where there was still no truly effective treatment: migraine, pressure ulcers, topical infections, herpes, eczema and acne, obesity, osteoarthritis, allergies, etc. The researchers at the laboratory combine scientific innovation with the ancient knowledge of Indian Ayurvedic medicine. Their only goal is to design natural products with respect for the human body. The laboratory’s research and publications have been awarded with the French Academy of Sciences prize and the European PAEXA award for best in vitro research center. After nearly 20 years of experimentation and innovation, the first medical devices and natural drugs are finally ready for commercialization.

Treatment of bedsores

Antiscar, bedsores treatmentTo help heal an eschar, Antiscar is a natural product that is applied cutaneously. An eschar is a cutaneous lesion due to a lack of blood supply. This sore is the consequence of the prolonged support of the skin against a surface. It is also called bed sore or eschar depending on the country. Thus, for a person who is in bed for a long time (or for people in a wheelchair), the permanent contact of the flesh against the bed (or the chair) will gradually compress the blood vessels and thus reduce the intake of blood. Located on the surface of the body, all these wounds are very prone to contamination, especially with bacteria and cell debris. With Antiscar, the natural product against the bedsores of Naturveda wound healing is done by filling the cavity of the wound with new cells.

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Definition of a bedsore and how to cure it

Definition of a bedsore and how to cure it

What is a bedsore? In France, the prevalence of pressure ulcers in hospitalized patients is estimated at 9%. This scourge, which seems inevitable in prolonged feeding, still has no established treatment. We will explain the mechanism of pressure ulcer formation and treatment in places. An eschar is a cutaneous lesion of ischemic origin, that is […]

Healing with natural products

Healing with natural products

Natural treatments have been on the rise for some years: herbal medicine, homeopathy, osteopathy, Chinese medicine or Ayurvedic are increasingly associated with patients wishing to avoid the side effects of drugs. A short overview of these natural approaches to the body and some tips to avoid traps. Over-medication was long in our society. A little […]



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